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I work full-time, which is more out of necessity than choice. Being completely honest I would not work at all unless I completely had to. People may say ‘but wouldn’t you get bored?’ and to them I say ‘Hell No!’. I could quite happily be a lady of leisure, I could very easily find things to occupy my mind and my time, ah the possibilities…opps, sorry, got a little lost in daydreaming there.

So, I work full time (and I’m also a full-time Mum, how do I find all this time!?), I am very lucky though because I work partly in the office (a 60-ish mile round trip, not that I’m complaining, honest) and the rest from home, so yes I know I am lucky and no I do not sit ‘working’ while watching day-time TV. In fact, I probably put in more hours because of not switching off at finish time than I would if I was completely office based but I know I have certain flexibility and a very understanding boss. Did I mention I know I am very lucky!?
But even with all this flexibility and my understanding boss I am still very cautious because I do not want to be seen to be taking the piss. And here comes the Mummy guilt. I know all working Mums get it and it’s horrible.
Today was a prime example; the kiddies have gone off to the seaside with their school. The whole school has gone (needless to say, we think their school is bloody amazing, if not a little loopy for putting themselves through this! This is the third year they have done it, and I cannot begin to imagine the organisation it takes – like I said, amazing!).
Of course, because I travel across country for work I had to leave before they did, although it was nice seeing them before I went to work for once and not having to tip-toe around for fear of waking them all up, we even had chance for this picture this morning.  (Our girl needed the glasses to hid the tiredness).


So, I’m driving to work and looking at the clock thinking ‘they’ll be on their way now’, and knowing there are Mums there waiting to wave their kids off and hoping that mine are ok that I’m not there and then comes all the other guilt because I also tend to miss out on the classroom visits, assemblies and family lunches too.
I really have to hold back a little when I hear other Mums complaining about attending these things. I know sometimes they may be a little tedious but I’d quite happily listen to the counting song 1000 tomes over, clap oh-so enthusiastically and eat the not-too-bad dinners without any complaint each and every time if I could!