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On my phone I have a very adorable picture of my two kids dressed up as a lion & a cat. It makes me smile everyday and they were very excited about dressing up because kids either are happy to dress up or they’re not, there’s not really an in-between, is there?
So, I was looking at it today and had a nightmarish flashback to a particularly horrific dressing up incident when I was little;
We were going on holiday to a Butlins type place with some other families, for one reason or another my parents were meeting us there (they may have given us a loaf of bread and told us to keep walking until we find the sea-side).

So we knew there were dressing up competitions there and I had recently been a bridesmaid, my Nan was particularly crafty, made me a crook so I was going to go as a bridesmaid who needed a crook. Not really, silly. I was going as Little Boo Peep. It was going to be amazing, I was going to win, everyone would think I was wonderful and would talk about it for years to come.
My Mum forgot my whole outfit.
Rather than not taking part I agreed to go as Eve, as in Adam and Eve. I had an Adam too. Yep, somehow they had roped one of the boys to dress up to accompany me.
I have vivid memories of going around the park with my Nan trying to find ‘suitable’ leaves.
The evening rolled around, we all got into our outfits and, unsurprisingly, this is also quite a vivid memory; our 8 & 7 year old selves stood in front of 100’s of people wearing a maximum of 6 strategically placed leaves between us.
There is photographic evidence of this, I believe I have the only copy, I’m probably wrong and one of my siblings is laying is wait to post it all over social media when I least expect it.
It does make me appreciate the lack of outlets there were for such things back then, at least I have some control over these things from my childhood. My kids do not stand a chance, ha ha ha (evil laugh).

Do not think this one will be too embarrassing at their 18th birthday parties.

Do not think this one will be too embarrassing at their 18th birthday parties.