Well hello!

I am a, self-certified, queen of procrastination, honestly, I set this up in 2011, this is the third/fourth ‘about me’ I have written and it’s taken me until 2015 to write my first blog.

So a bit about us;

First to me, as I’m the one doing all the work here.  I’m an Essex girl who moved to the Midlands 20 years ago, this means I talk quite strange; I say ‘bath’, ‘grass’ ‘laugh’ etc. the right way (ie like the queen) but it all has a bit of a brummy twang to it.  I’m in my early thirties.
I’m a full time Mum who also has a full time job as a ‘Sales Executive’ quite a fancy title for a not so fancy role but I sometimes get free pens and I have a business card so I’m alright with this. As you may already have gathered I’m quite easily pleased.
I love my family, I love food (and try to be healthy by following Slimming World) and I love me a bit of writing (I quite like reading too so that helps with all 3!).  When I was younger I always felt like a real geek (‘boff’ in those days), when people would ask me what my hobbies were and the only things I could honestly put were ‘reading and writing’, that’s what’s in my Record of Achievement too.  Now I find both very cathartic and in an attempt to have some kind of record of our family life ‘brainyaches’ has evolved.

My husband is a wonderful man. He puts up with me, which I will admit,  I know isn’t an easy thing to do all of the time, sometimes it is, because sometimes I can be awesome, but sometimes I can be a right moody cow, so in turn I put up with him, which is only fair.  He is also a full time daddy with a full time job.  He loves, loves, loves to take photos, he may just get enthusiastic about going places and doing stuff just because he’s thinking about the photo opportunities.  This is why most (aka probably all) of the photos on here are taken by him.  In fairness he is very talented photographer as well as being addicted to most forms of social media and football.

Our Girl; she is your typical 7 going on 17 year old. A former headbanging shy girl who you couldn’t laugh/cough or sneeze around. She has now become this petite bundle of superbness who is ridiculously clever,  humble and bossy to her little brother, and sassy in the vlogs she keeps making but will never publish!  I dread the day she turns into a proper teenager.

And last but not least, is our Boy. He is our little genius, who is ridiculously hilarious, makes us laugh everyday and is absolutely Minecraft obsessed.  We find his 5 years have passed in a bit of blur, I’m not sure if someone has pressed fast-forward without us knowing it or if it’s something to do with second child syndrome but we do not feel he was ever a baby which is a bit sad.  He can talk, a lot!  We actually have to tell him to give the Minecraft talk a rest sometimes, I’m not too sure how he’s done it but he’s really good.  I’ve tried playing it.  I either end up stuck in a hole or knocking down more than I build.  It makes me feel old, I do not like being made to feel like I am old because I am not old, I do not even feel like a grown up.

So that’s us.  We are quite ‘normal’ with regular issues, daily dilemmas and lots of laughs and I hope to give a glimpse into all of that through this.

Thank you for reading.

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